Dr Manrina Rhode
Cosmetic Dentist

Designing Smiles, The Cosmetic Dental Course

Dentists can learn to predictably design beautiful smiles with Dr Manrina Rhode

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4 Day Course

This course runs over 2 weekends, Saturday and Sunday, to minimise your time off from work.

Small group teaching with a live patient.  

You will watch and participate in the full smile makeover start to finish with Dr Manrina Rhode, as well as lectures explaining the procedures.

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October Course Dates 2020 Location and Cost

10th /11th October 2020

17th /18th October 2020

The London Smile Clinic, Fitzrovia, London, UK

£2500 altogether for the 4 days

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Why Designing Smiles?

Small Group Teaching

This is a cosmetic dental course giving you the opportunity to learn from Dr Manrina Rhode, one of the leading Cosmetic Dentists in the UK.

The qualification required to complete this course is a Dental degree.

Designing Smiles is an investment in your career. This course will give you the confidence to treatment plan and complete cosmetic cases using porcelain veneers with predictable outcomes. After completing this dental course the aim is for you to start using the principles taught to you the next day in your practice with conservative preparations and predictable outcomes.

Experience of over 10,000 Porcelain Veneers

Dr Manrina Rhode graduated as a dentist from Guys Hospital in 2002 and has worked in Private Cosmetic Dental Practice since.  She  has completed more Porcelain Veneers than most dentists in the world. Use her experience and predictable methods to create beautiful smiles for your patients.

Facially Driven Dental Design

Dr Manrina Rhode uses facially driven dental design to give patients the smiles they should have.  There is no 'one size fits all' approach.  Every case is customised.  Learn in detail how to do this for your patients.